Dr. Squatch Nautical Sage Bar Soap

Dr. Squatch Nautical Sage Bar Soap

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The seas are never rough when you have Dr. Squatch's Nautical Sage invigorating and refreshing manly scented soap on board. Taking a cue from the ocean, this truly all-natural bar features exfoliating and nourishing sea salt to soften and soothe your skin. 

Also part of the on-deck crew are cypress, lavender, and clary sage oils, which form a potent blend known for its circulation-boosting powers. Needless to say, a shower with this nautical number will have you feeling like the captain of clean.

Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Sea Salt, Cypress, Clary Sage, and Lavender Essential Oils.

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