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  • Raw Elements: Why it's so effective

    Raw Elements Sunscreen


    • Balanced Broad Spectrum Protection – UVA/UVB Rays
      Raw Elements Sunscreen provides the highest levels of Balanced Broad Spectrum Protection from both UVA & UVB rays, blocking over 95% of the entire UV range. Broad Spectrum is an FDA regulated term which refers to an ingredient, or a formulas ability to effectively absorb or physically scatter BOTH UVA and UVB rays. Our protection remains balanced across the board. Zinc Oxide is the only single FDA approved active ingredient which blocks UV radiation across the entire UVA/UVB spectrum. Zinc Oxide is considered to be a physical blocker sitting on top of the skin physically scattering UV radiation. Our Zinc Oxide is photo-stable and does not degrade under extended sun exposure.
    • Very Water and Sweat Resistant beyond 80 Minutes
      Raw Elements Sunscreen exceeds the FDA’s highest performance level of ‘Very Water Resistant’ and Sweat Resistant of 80 minutes. Our unique Organic Eco Shield Performance Technology is a specific combination of natural and organic raw ingredients and zinc oxide which delivers long lasting protection under the toughest environmental conditions. Our technology will allow your skin to breath and sweat while keeping the protection fixed on the surface of the skin. This same technology will keep the formula bonded to the skin during submersion of moving water.
    • Never Runs, Never Stings Eyes or Clogs Pores
      Chemical sunscreen ingredients burning eyes is a very common problem. Raw Elements sunscreen eliminates this issue in two ways. First, the technology of the formula will remain fixed where it is applied, it is no migratory. Second, the absence of all of the chemical ingredients will keep the stinging away for even the most sensitive skin. This makes sunscreen use much more effective whether its for young child or a focused outdoor athlete.
    • Tubes Float and Can Be Applied to Wet SkinRaw Elements Sunscreen tubes float in the water if ever dropped and ECO STICK 30+ can even be applied while submerged under water or to wet skin. These qualities will allow the outdoor enthusiast to keep our sunscreen with them no matter what the environmental conditions call for.
    • Delivers High Levels of Certified Organic Moisturizers and Antioxidants to the Skin
      While our zinc oxide provides balanced broad spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays, the rest of the raw ingredients battle environmental exposure. Each organic and natural ingredient is specifically selected to provide hydration, antioxidants, high levels of moisture, vitamins and minerals. These qualities battle the damage of the skin on the cellular level from free radicals generated by the sun and other carcinogens, long after environmental exposure.

    Raw Elements Sunscreen

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