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  • Great Organic Hair Care Products for Men


    Dear Clark Hair Care for Men and Women

    Long gone are the days of rubbing in the Brylcreem and splashing on the Old Spice for those special occasions.  Modern times have shaped the modern man to pay close attention to their health and well-being.  There always has been great allure with a well-groomed man and there is an assortment of fantastic organic hair products on the market at your disposal to look your very best.

    “Just the usual” at the local barber shop is rare to hear nowadays, with unusual and funky hairstyles fast becoming the center of attention for a lot of men.  It’s all about individuality and feeling good in your own skin. Maintaining that great haircut is easy with the right organic hair products.  Apply it and let all the natural nutrients in the product sink into your hair and scalp to care for it deep within.

    For men with medium to short hair, there are many products designed just for you.  Dear Clark Hair Care and Styling Products are hand crafted by a high performance team using natural ingredients from the Lone Star State and designed to provide a remedy for any hair ailment. They smell AMAZING and you’ll never need another conditioner!

    Intelligent Nutrients is another amazing brand whose sole aim is to bring you effective organic hair products full of nature’s goodness.  Intelligent Nutrients’ hair care range includes completely natural Perfect Hold or Volumizing hairsprays, a Hair Balm for medium hold and a healthy shine, or if you seek a slick, smooth finish, the Finishing Gloss is exactly what you need.  Intelligent Nutrients does exactly as the name suggests and that is to deliver smart nourishment to your hair and scalp for long-lasting, healthy hair.

    Hair of course is unisex and universal, there has even been a musical written about it.  As humans we simply adore our hair, we cherish it and are forever trying to make it look as attractive as possible.  Healthy hair which has life, bounce and shine is now very achievable with the wonderful array of totally natural and organic hair products available.  For naturally beautiful hair, only organic hair products will do, for they truly care for your hair.

    Intelligent Nutrients Hair Care for Men and Women

  • Organic Supplements by Intelligent Nutrients

    If you're looking for a more direct way to fight free radicals and premature aging, you want these two Intelligent Nutrients products. The first, the Intelligent Nutrients Intellimune Oil is perfect for everyday use. You can take it directly it by the spoonful, drizzle it over your food or apply it directly to your skin. Either way, it is going to get absorbed into your body and work its magic.

    What does it do? It helps protect you against aging and disease, as well as heal current damage (it can also prevent a cold and flu). This oil packs a crazy amount of antioxidants, more than you'd get from eating 11 pounds of blueberries!

    Intelligent Nutrients Intellimmune Oil                                                                    Intellimmune Powder Complex

    The second is the Intelligent Nutrients Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Powder Complex. This powder is created with thousands of certified-organic black cumin, red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry seeds, Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Powder Complex is a beauty nutraceutical that works where beauty and aging starts – in the body and the cells.

    As always, Intelligent Nutrients adheres to the most stringent organic certifying agencies. Not only is everything found in the oil and tablets all-natural, but they are not tested on animals and made with 100% renewable energy. Feel young and healthy while not jeopardizing the environment!

  • Does your hair need a thin-tervention?

    Here are some questions to find out:

    PurePlenty is a 3-product regimen designed to reinstate the life force of fine, limp or thinning hair. Each product is created using only potent plant bioactives, certified organic and plant stem cell ingredients to deliver scalp to strand nutrients that support healthy hair cycle. And the proof is in the poof. In consumer studies, 82% said it increased the volume of their hair by 100x and 90% said their hair appeared thicker and voluminous after use.

    We all lose a little hair every day. External factors like chemicals, stress, age and less-than-stellar nutrition can hurt, too. Strands thin, may break, growth slows and fewer hairs are in the growth phase.

    PurePlenty is designed for people with naturally fine hair, who strive for thick full, lush hair. Or the 50% of males or 25% females who experience thinning hair and can relate to the following statements:

    • I’ve noticed more-than-usual hair loss
    • My hair grows super slowly
    • Hair loss runs in my family
    • Dry, tight or build-up on my scalp
    • My hair feels flat, lifeless and increasingly sparse
    • I worry my hairline is receding



    PurePlenty is designed for fine, limp or thinning hair.

    Click the image below to see a short video and you ask yourself:
    "Is it time for a Thin-tervention?"

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