Rahua Haircare Spotlight

Here at Organaca, we're constantly looking for new natural beauty products and brands to sell for our customers. We have a high interest in expanding our base of products so that you, as the customer, can find your own perfect natural beauty solution. One of the brands that we're extremely excited to sell is Rahua.

Rahua Hair Care

Rahua is an eco-friendly hair care collection from Amazon Beauty. The collection is named after the main ingredient of the hair care products, Rahua. Pronounced 'Ra-wa', Rahua is a highly-potent, restorative oil from the Amazon rainforest. Rahua is thought to be the secret ingredient for the Quechua-Shuar tribes' thick, flowing hair.

Rahua products help repair damaged and weak strands while nourising and regenerating scalp and hair follicles. Rahua's 100% natural ingredients with help strengthen and thicken hair allowing for longer and stronger growth.

Discover the Amazon Rainforest's secret for long, strong, and healthy hair; Rahua.

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